Rules and Regulations

While we want you to enjoy your time at Lucky Monkey, we have rules in place to make sure everyone is comfortable, safe, and secure.

All children must be under 8 years of age to use the toys and equipment.

Parental supervision is required all the time. No drop-offs. Do not leave your children unattended.

No shoes and bare feet permitted, so bring your own socks or you can purchase at the front desk.

No food or drink from the outside. No gum is allowed either.

No sick children please.

Use of our center is at your own risk

Do not leave your valuables or belongings unattedned. We are not responsible for loss.

Please sign a waiver before entering the playground.

  • Address

    924 West State Rd. 436
    Unit 1800
    Altamonte Springs, FL. 32714